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Our detangling brushes with soft and fine bristles will give you a fine finishing after brushing your hair. The elastic back plate fits head couture and it’s curved to fit the head. Comfortable handle for easy placement. Heat conduction, ventilation and quick molding.
We chose be environmental friendly and our detangle brushes are made of wheat straw.

Good for wet and dry hair. Can also be used with hair dryer.

Perfect brush to use as scalp massager with our hair oils, Rapunzel by Loz and Hair Fuel by Loz.

  • Detangling hair brush
  •  Scalp massager
  • Light weight hair brush
  • Environment friendly material


Why wheat straw and what is wheat straw material?

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • anti-artherogenic,
  • anti-allergenic,
  • antioxidant,
  • antithrombotic

Wheat straw material is extremely safe. The benefit of wheat straw is that the products are constructed from the waste left behind in agricultural processes after the grain is extracted from the crop, providing a resource that would otherwise be discarded.  Since wheat straw is derived from leftover waste, it can save forests from some of the devastation inflicted upon them. 

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Date First Available 27 Dec 2023

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