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Pawise food&water dispenser 30x40x20cm
Pawise food&water dispenser 30x40x20cm
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Pawise food&water dispenser 30x40x20cm

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Pawise Pet Food and Water Dispenser, 5LSize:Holds up to 5L of kibble and uses standard sized water bottle.This is a multifunction pet food and waterer that ensures your cat or dog has a supply of kibble and water. The kibble container can hold up to 5l of kibble and the water dispenser provides a supply of fresh water. You simply use a standard plastic water bottle for drinking and insert it into the slot._x000D_ _x000D_ Dry food is kept fresh in air tight container._x000D_ Removable lid makes it easy to refill food._x000D_ Water level remains constant and automatically refills._x000D_
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Date First Available 07 Dec 2023

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